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Fire training at Optima

More and more now we are seeing a focus on how we are protecting the built environment from fire risks. The need for a more comprehensive approach to specifying fire rated products has been highlighted throughout the industry. When specifying fire resistant glass partitions, a wealth of knowledge and experience is crucial to providing the correct solution. We are dedicating ourselves to ensuring that our team members on the ground are ready to deploy their skills when needed. 

Full training for our employees 

We have taken it upon ourselves to introduce a full roll-out of fire training to all our operational staff members. Competency is a key driver in ensuring that we design, build and operate buildings safely in the future. This is particularly important in life-critical aspects of construction and fire safety systems are top of the list. We believe it is crucial that all the appropriate team members are fully trained in all our fire rated systems. 

Made up of 11 modules, our training programme covers the entire process, both specifying and implementing our Technishield range. Our Fire and Certifications Manager, Peter Long creates and delivers all the modules. Individuals will focus on the specific modules that have a critical influence on their roles. As a result, we can ensure that all those involved with the specifying, drawing and project managing of our fire systems possess all the correct skills and knowledge. This gives us the confidence moving forward that we are guaranteeing the maximum competency at every level of the business.  

Leading from the front  

We care about delivering exceptional service and highquality products. As experts in the manufacturing and installation of fire rated products, we value the importance of continued education and development. We know that by investing in training we are helping our team to keep innovating.  

We are constantly striving to remain the market leaders in glass partitioning and training is a huge part of this. The internal training programme is not simply a one-off box-ticking exercise, far from it. All the modules are subject to renewal every 12 or 24 months, depending on the content. This allows us to include any statutory and regulatory changes, industry developments or certification updatesAs a result, we can assign our own fire responsible people to advise on every project. Equipped with the vast amount of knowledge and experience you would expect from Optima, our training further strengthens our expertise. By investing in fire training, we can be sure that our team are the go-to people for anything fire related. 

Fire training goes beyond Optima 

But this investment in fire safety is not just about Optima. Fire rated glass partitions and doors are a very specific form of fire protection. It is key that everyone involved at each stage understands the key characteristics, right down to our customers. Moreover, it is vital that lines of communication are kept open throughout the design, manufacture, and installation of our fire systems. By doing this, we can create transparency throughout the industry that allows us to educate our clients along the way. This means we can share our expertise in fire safety with anyone who needs it during a project. Therefore, not only are we educating and training our staff, but they can then pass this knowledge on. As a result, our fire training will contribute significantly to creating a more comprehensive and better industry as a whole 

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