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A Continuing Relationship

Glass Partition After Sales Service: Our Expertise

The Best Service Whatever The Project Size

Optima is renowned for supplying and project managing large interior partition fit out contracts. We are aware of the skill set and knowledge that is required to provide our clients with the best service that the industry has to offer.

We are determined that this high level of service and strength of relationship continues with smaller projects.We invest in experienced individuals who know our market and truly understand our clients’ requirements, no matter what the project size.

Our partitioning systems are designed to allow for lifecycle change and adaption of the interior aesthetic of the building. These changes may be a result of new occupants and expansion, or just a restructuring of your existing internal space.

Optima’s local partners are available to all clients and are dedicated to supporting with churn work, maintenance requirements, potential moves, offering service level agreements, as well as undertaking new partitioning installations regardless of project size.

We expertly guide our clients through the complexities that the smaller project can bring; specifically, the need for office interiors to maintain flexibility of space, focusing on cost efficiencies and ensuring that any installation time does not adversely affect the working business.

A “closed for maintenance” retail or office space costs money and can significantly damage repeat business. In these situations, customers have a less than positive experience. We understand this commercial issue and work with our clients to demonstrate that workable solutions such as out-of-hours installations can offer practical alternatives to other suppliers.

We understand that any churn or new project, regardless of size or complexity, can affect the normal day to day running of your business. Our experienced, dedicated Account Managers are on-hand to guide you through every stage of your project, ensuring programme achievement and eliminating disruption to your company’s operations. They work closely with our directly employed in-house designers work to create realistic, cost effective solutions.

This approach is further extended to the on-site training that we can provide for Facilities Management teams in ongoing maintenance and cleaning, thereby ensuring the extended lifecycle of our products.

Our After Sales Services

What we Offer

From the largest project to the smallest refurbishment, customer relationships, coupled with industry-leading service, are what drive us. This committed approach is reflected in the sheer volume of repeat business and publicly available client testimonials that we receive.

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