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What is Take Back to Give Back?  

It’s a brand-new UK initiative, designed to support our clients as well as giving us full control over the entire lifecycle of our products. We are now offering a full take back service for any UK Optima installed products. We will safely demount our products, separating them into principal material components, and return them to our UK manufacturing facility. Our team will then inspect the demounted products to establish if they are fit for reuse or repurposing on future projects. The demounted components will then re-join the circular economy, or we will segregate them ready for the appropriate recycling. Furthermore, the original suppliers will remove and collect the glass for recycling.

Reuse & recycle 

After careful inspection, any returned items which are fit for reuse will be repurposed on future projects as pre-owned systems. Reintegrating our products back into the supply chain will offer many environmental benefits such as reduced greenhouse gas emissions as well as lower material resource depletion and pollution. As a result, the service allows us to extend the lifecycle of our products, repurposing them effectively, whilst also reducing any unnecessary waste and new material usage.  

Circular economy  

Incorporating the circular economy within our product lifecycle helps us protect the environment around us. As an ethical business, it is important we are always looking to improve our environmental performance, and therefore closing the material supply chain helps us do this. As a result, our Take Back initiative has been designed to maximise the reusability of our glass partitions. Therefore, we can ensure our systems are achieving their full potential, maximising the reuse of valuable materials and resources needed throughout the process. 


From acoustic Revolution 100 glass partitions to the modular Adaptable Meeting Room, we develop our products with reusability in mind. Built from partly recycled aluminium and glass we are considering our environmental impact at every stage of product design. Designed, manufactured, and repurposed at our UK manufacturing facility our systems are inherently created around the Cradle to Cradle concept. 


Our manufacturing facility near Bath services all of our UK projects, meaning our product distribution minimises our carbon miles. Furthermore, we have switched to a number of hybrid and fully electric vans, helping us drive down our transport emissions.  

Leasing our Adaptable Meeting Rooms 

We are also now offering a lease option for any AMR purchases. With a variety of leasing options from 3-5 years and monthly repayments starting at £375 plus VAT, it’s never been easier to transform your office and reduce your impact on the environment.  

(Full process details available on request on a per project basis) 

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