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Asia Affinity

R&D in door sealing technology and naturally clever design enabled us to make huge advances in the acoustic performance of the Asia Affinity door.

Asia Affinity


The Asia Affinity door features a 78mm wide stile which can accommodate a dead lock, sash lock or latch. With superior perimeter seals, this door can achieve outstanding acoustics in both single and double glazed form. Single or paired doors are available and the maximum door height is 3000mm.


As with all of our products, the Asia series of doors are laboratory tested for acoustic performance in a UKAS accredited laboratory and full test reports are available upon request. The following test results have been achieved:Asia Affinity single glazed – Rw39dB


Asia Affinity single glazed – Rw39dB
Asia Affinity double glazed – Rw41dB

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