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There are many different glass partition designs available, with customisation options and capabilities growing in recent years. Each design has its own unique characteristics. In this blog we look at our top 6 glass partition designs, as well as why we like them and their key features.


Shoreditch glass partition designs

Number 1 – Shoreditch

A contemporary twist on an old classic, Shoreditch style is growing in popularity. Offering an almost industrial look, our glass partitions feature a slimline aluminium framework that’s bonded to the partition. In turn, this creates the desired effect of smaller panels, whilst keeping acoustic levels high.

A simple change that makes a huge impact on style, Shoreditch is definitely one of our top glass partition designs.

Condé Nast International featured Shoreditch Edition partitions in their latest fit-out. As a result, their design is chic and a stunning representation of the classic Shoreditch style.


Switchable glassNumber 2 – Switchable

Developing glass partition privacy, Switchable glass gives the option of an open meeting room or a private office. It can provide instant privacy at the flick of a switch. When on, an electrical current is applied which changes the properties of the glass, turning it from opaque to clear.

Manifestation can still be applied to the partition, and it even works with our Shoreditch Edition range. Switchable glass is a diverse and adaptable feature that will add a level of professionalism to any office. As well as working with various manifestations, Switchable glass is also easily incorporated into both single and double glazed systems.


Number 3 – InterlayersInterlayers

Secondly, we have interlayers. Whether you want to increase the level of privacy in your office or are looking for something to amplify the design – interlayers are an effective way to do both. They can range from different colour options to adventurous customisations, like PRS for Music‘s mesh interlayer.

Metal mesh is fitted between two panes of glass, creating a modern look, perfect for representing their brand. Interlayers are one of our favourite glass partition designs as they’re another way for a brand to show it’s personality. Moreover, interlayers are a unique glass partition design element that can define an office fit-out.


Curved glass at the Library of BirminghamNumber 4 – Curved

Also making our top 6 glass partition designs is curved glass. Whereas most partitioning systems are straight or angular, curved glass offers something softer and in some cases more elegant. With the ability to feature a variety of manifestation options, curved glass is a truly bespoke design choice.

For Library of Birmingham, curved glass was installed for atria glazing. The unique design of the building’s interior required us to engineer and install a number of bespoke solutions. This included curved screens, all of which had specific design requirements.


Acoustic glass partition designs

Number 5 – Acoustic

Acoustic partitions had to appear in our list. As glass partition design has developed over the years, acoustic performance has improved. As well as the functional capabilities, style has also kept up with an ever-growing industry. Within our range, Revolution 100 double glazed systems are a great example of how performance and style can meet to create something outstanding.

Able to reach Rw51dB, Revolution 100 and other similar designs prove that you don’t have to favour efficiency over creativity, they can work together.



Fire rated glass partition designsNumber 6 – Fire rated

As fire safety is becoming increasingly important, it’s crucial to think about your requirements early on in the project planning stage. Therefore, making our top 6 glass partition designs are fire rated glazed systems.

Most importantly, these systems provide safety for building occupants without losing style or compromising on design, meeting both aesthetic and fire rating requirements.

Our range of Technishield fire rated partitions and doors meet the growing need among designers for safety and design.


Want to know more about our design capabilities?

Just visit our Glass Partition Design page.

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