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Glass partitions in residential fit-outs: improving design 

Glass partitions are now a common sight in many modern office designacross the world. They are ideal for giving your office layout a spacious and open feel whilst still maintaining an element of privacy. It is for those exact same reasons that glass partitions are becoming increasingly popular in many residential fit-outs. From receptions and lobby areas to schools and even in people’s homes, glass partitions offer a unique addition.   

If you’re thinking about incorporating glass partitions, we have put together a few ways they can improve your next fit-out.  

Natural light  

One of the main benefits of using glass partitions in a residential fit-out is that it allows light to flow naturally, creating a sense of an open and enjoyable space to be in. Therefore, by installing a glass partitioning system you can maximise the amount of light streaming into a space whilst maintaining the airy feeling of an open plan layout which has become such a popular feature of many modern developments. 

Allowing natural light to flow through a space has the added advantage of reducing our reliance on artificial light. This holds even greater importance for developers today when sustainability and the environmental impacts of construction are so significant. Glass partitions offer a great way to help reduce energy consumption by utilising natural light. 

Furthermore, not only does natural light enhance the energy efficiency of a project, but it can also have a positive effect on people’s overall health and wellbeing. By installing glass partitions developers are providing the best possible working environment for the occupant’s health. As a result, designing a fit-out that takes into account natural light and the impact on the health and wellbeing of its occupants will contribute towards achieving the WELL building standard 

Modern lobby and reception design  

Another great reason for choosing glass partitions is they offer a variety of unique styles that complement andesign. Whether you are a developer looking for a sleek partition to match the clean cut style of a building’s lobby area, or you want something a little more rustic to fit a commercial space, glass partitions offer a range of solutions. 

Whilst open-plan layouts have become a popular choice in many residential fit-outs, some can appear cold and lack personality. By introducing glass partitions into somewhere like a reception area, you can create a warm and inviting space. Furthermore, you can reinforce this welcoming feeling with a range of different frame finishes, incorporating some texture and even injecting a splash a colour into your design 

Acoustic privacy in residential fit-outs

Considering the acoustic privacy of a fit-out is essential when developing any residential projectIt’s important to think about how your design manages sound pollution, both keeping noise in and out of different spaces. By incorporating glass partitions into a design, you can significantly reduce any unwanted noise, creating an acoustically comfortable environmentFurthermore, glass partitions provide impressive acoustic performance for your residential fit-out, without impacting the open style of your design.  

Fire safe 

Another great feature of using glass partitions in your design is their high level of fire protectionThe development in fire rated glass partitions is an aspect that has contributed significantly to their popularity within office spaces. Fire rated glass delivers a high-performance product that meets both the aesthetic and practical demands of any residential projectFire screens can provide varying levels of protection from 30 minutes to 120 minutes of integrity. This therefore ensures that the individual fire performance demands of your project are met. With both framed and frameless options, fire rated partitions are a great choice for any developer.  

Defining leisure and commercial space 

Occasionally, open plan designs can feel a little unorganised and disconnected from the rest of the project. It can be hard to see where one room ends, and another begins, and rooms can lack the definition that traditional solid walls offer. This absence of a clear divide is common in open dining breakout areas and in many gyms and commercial spaces. Introducing glass partitions can be the perfect way to define these separations without losing the open feel of your space. Furthermore, the distinctive style of glass partitions allows you to break up space in an interesting and distinctive way.  

Glass partitions offer a variety of unique features that will make your project stand out. Whether your project requires a product with impressive fire and acoustic performance or you’re looking for a unique glass solution to augment your modern design. We have a wide range of single and double glazed partitions to suit your requirements. 


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