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Maximising Potential

Continuous development, maximising potential and finding your passion are all things that we, as a glass partitioning company, value greatly. Giving your employees the opportunity to expand their knowledge whilst having a positive impact on your business is one of the best things you can do for your company’s future growth.

With so many options available though, how do you know what’s best, for yourself as an individual or for your business? And once you’ve invested in an individual’s development, how do you retain them and prevent them from leaving?

Investing in the Future Generations

Glass Partitioning Design Team

For us, the most significant investment we can make in terms of development and growth is into the next generation. Apprenticeships, graduate programmes and internships are just a few of the options now readily available for those looking to further their education whilst earning a wage. For industries that require a significant understanding of technical detail, like glass partitioning, investing in the next generation and their continuous development is key, creating industry experts that will grow with your business, amplify your brand and eventually become leaders of business themselves.

For Rebekah Hughes, one of our Designers who joined us at Optima in July 2016, the opportunity to learn and grow with the business is what encourages her the most. Having joined with no prior experience within the glass partitioning industry, she has now developed the confidence to take on more challenging work, stretch her knowledge even further and continuously seek new areas to grow her understanding of the work we do, the work we could do and the industry itself.

“We learn every day, there’s always something new coming up, there are always new challenges. Everyone is willing to help everyone else, everyone works as one big team. I think that’s the thing that’s different about the company.”

For apprentices joining the business, the opportunity to work alongside industry experts on award-winning projects is of great appeal. Alex Smith, one of our Product Designers, has continued to impress and develop, most recently showing his skill through his involvement in the Optima & Bloomberg Philanthropies Project with the RCA.

“Optima provided me with the ideal opportunity, giving me a platform to develop my skills alongside highly experienced design engineers on an array of different projects.

Optima has trained me in the art of delivering high-quality acoustic office partitioning products as well as allowing me to express my creative energy within bespoke design work for some of the world’s most prestigious businesses. “

Offer Opportunities and Listen 

From what we’ve learnt as a business, the worst thing you can do for your employees is let them become stagnant. Offer them growth, offer them the opportunity to develop and above all, listen to them when they have ideas on where and how they’d like to progress. Apprenticeship, graduate and other programmes work well for us because we believe in investing in our people and our tomorrow. Working in an industry so laden with creativity and innovation, you can’t afford to impede your own development.

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