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Virgin Active

Located near one of London’s tallest structures, the iconic Broadgate Tower, Virgin Active’s Broadgate Luxury Health Club lies in the heart of the city.

Being central requires commercial spaces to constantly adapt and evolve to meet consumer demand.

One Exchange Place, London

Atelierdb Ltd

Skansen Group Ltd

The Space

As a result, Virgin Active was looking to re-evaluate their current gym and studio layout. They wanted also to include a new mind-body studio, complete with anti-gravity yoga.

The Project

This two million pound project was the result of Virgin Active taking a decisive step to completely remodel their pre-existing gym.

This project’s intent was to increase gym floor space by utilising space from larger social areas and an associated cafe. At the same time, Virgin Active wanted to offer their new customers the latest ideas and training programmes.

Being an internationally renowned brand, Virgin Active paired with Atelierdb Ltd to design their new health club. Atelierdb Ltd, having a proven record in ergonomic commercial designs, was an unsurprising match. They also have paired with Virgin Active for several previous refurbishment projects.

Atelierdb’s vision for this project was to combine organic ambience with modern functionality. This lent itself to the creation of a naturally calm encouraging environment that was able to cater for the most demanding of athletes. The purpose of this design was to reinforce Virgin Active’s mission statement to create a luxury health club that served as an inner-city escape.

Glass partitioning was central to the design; to compartmentalise the club into different areas whilst allowing a clear transparency and translucency to freely flow throughout the space.

As gyms are not naturally quiet places and studio classes even less so, these glass installations had to offer the highest level of acoustic performance. This was vital to ensure Virgin Active’s offering; to provide privacy and relaxation to every one of Virgin Active’s club members.

Already having a proven track record of continuing projects with Virgin Active, Optima was the obvious choice of partner to deliver these glass elements. After considering Atelierdb’s design in acute detail, Optima decided on the best products to build and install. 

Throughout Virgin Active Broadgate Health Club one can find Revolution 54 double glazing in the studios, flush bonded double glazed doors with Microflush frames throughout and bespoke stainless steel atrium glazing.

The Result

These carefully chosen products work cleverly together to maximise space, encourage collaboration and enable effective acoustic sound control.

Optima’s partitions bring a unique and wonderfully personal feel to Virgin Active’s space, whilst retaining an elegant and stylish appearance so as to coordinate the club with its professional and affluent surroundings.

Working with Optima

Working directly with the project’s main contractor, Skansen Group Ltd, Optima worked to tight deadlines efficiently and professionally.
We are extremely proud of all our work with Virgin Active, and this project demonstrates our ability to deliver quality world class health clubs across the UK and beyond.



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