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GAM’s beautiful bronze anodised glass partitions

GAM’s stunning refurbishment of their London headquarters is now bursting with vibrant colour and elegant design. Consequently, an interesting and imaginative project, we worked alongside HLW, BW: Workplace Experts and Knight Frank. 

Location and influence

GAM’s London headquarters is in Finsbury Circus, a central hub of history and business. Finsbury Circus was established from the gardens of Finsbury Manor in 1812; the Manor itself built in the 17th century. The area is near common tourist destinations such as Liverpool Street Station and the iconic Gherkin building. In other words, GAM chose one of the most scenic areas in London as the location for their headquarters.

Finsbury Circus, London


BW: Workplace Experts

Design intent with bronze anodic

GAM’s intention was to consolidate all employees under one single roof. A bold thought due to the large number of employees previously spread across numerous locations. HLW’s design, from the ground floor to the third floor spans 45,000 sq ft. The bronze anodised frame finishes add elegance to this design.

Revolution systems

Firstly, our design team began creating glass partitions to accommodate the height, specific to the ground floor. These Revolution 100 double glazed systems feature two layers of 16.8mm thick glass. The thickness of the glass was a design choice taken to support the 3.6 meter high partitions.

In fact, Revolution 100 partitions form two meeting rooms. Our designers included a clever curve to a single Revolution 100 partition, suiting the shape of the room. This gives a stunning aesthetic to the partition working hand-in-hand with the 3.6 meter height and the bronze anodised finish. Consequently. the two partitions are chic and stylish influencing the overall ambience of the ground floor.

Equally important, the ground floor partitions prove dynamic not only in aesthetics but in functionality. They provide outstanding acoustic performance of up to Rw51dB. Moreover, this is one of the highest performing partitions to protect against noise intrusion. A feature that GAM have taken full advantage of with their ground floor meeting rooms.

Filling the void

In contrast, HLW designed a smart office on a mezzanine level off the angular staircase. Therefore, specifying Revolution 54, accommodated the void where the mezzanine ends.  Likewise, Revolution 54 provides guarding in line with British Standards (0.74Kn/m line load). Subsequently, ensuring the partition is safe and protects against the void. This partition is effective in providing a safety barrier, as well as keeping the aesthetic flow of the office.

Timber Doors

Additionally, we also installed Timber Doors and Tech Panels integrated within the framework of the Optima 117 Plus and Revolution 54 partition systems. Installing Timber Doors ultimately adds a new dimension to the space, introducing natural wood contrasted the existing white, black and bronze colour scheme. Subsequently, HLW specified a darker timber to give the space depth, a design technique which looks stunning against the bronze anodised finish.

The modern Tech Panels allow for room booking/data handling facilities to be added to any meeting room, office space or social area. Designing these to fit flush against the Timber Doors looks effective and keeps with the sleek transitions of the rest of the modern office.

Finishes and manifestation

In terms of fitting in with HLW’s set colour scheme and keeping with the features that BW: Workplace Experts had already installed into the ambitious fit-out, we used a light modern bronze anodised finish for the executive meeting room partitions on the Ground, Mezzanine and 1st Floors. The oxygenation process is what gives this finish its stunning and unique aesthetic.

Our manufacturing team in Bath, powder-coated the partition frames of all Optima 117 Plus systems installed. This gave a striking black finish to all of these partitions. This has further given the partition personality, in keeping with the original design, yet contrasting against the  Bronze Anodised finish. 

Furthermore, using three-quarter length reeded manifestation throughout the building provided a good source of natural light. HLW included this in the design to provide visual privacy for meeting rooms and board rooms. In addition to the convenience of visual privacy, we apply manifestation as a film, allowing for it to be easily changed or replaced without having to change the partition.

In conclusion

This office space is full of imaginative design elements and eye-catching canvases. We installed partitions with the primary use being to divide the space, yet they have contributed to the overall aesthetic of this stunning fit-out. HLW has effectively made a feature of these partitions, the bronze anodised and powder-coated finishes complete this stunning design.


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