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Sustainable glass partitions at Falmouth’s innovative campus 

Launchpad is the second phase of the Academy for Innovation and Research at Falmouth University. Set amongst the rolling hills of Cornwall, this dynamic student hub offers a flexible and inspiring environment for students. Our glass partitions created a sustainable, space in Falmouth that allows natural light to flow through the open plan design, producing an airy and comfortable workspace. Alongside architects BDP Bristol and main contractor Enelco Ltd, we built a distinctive local landmark that promotes open innovation in the area. 

Penryn Campus, Falmouth



Built with sustainability in mind

The eco-friendly Penryn campus was designed with a strong focus on sustainability and minimising its environmental impact as much as possible. Therefore, the use of local materials throughout the construction of this green project has produced an environmentally conscious learning environment. As a result, this innovative workspace has been awarded with a BREEAM excellent certificate, setting a benchmark for future educational projects.

Acoustics for comfortable learning

Good acoustic performance was a key design requirement for this university’s creative beacon. With this in mind, we created a collection of private study and meeting rooms dotted throughout the design. Our Revolution 100 double glazed partitions create attractive and welcoming study spaces that also provide high acoustic privacy. This glass partitioning system with two layers of acoustic laminated glass offers an impressive acoustic rating of up to Rw45dB. Therefore, our glass partitions create a set of stylish private spaces that offer high acoustic performance to enhance learning.

Furthermore, this high level of acoustic performance was continued with the installation of our Elite Aero single glazed sliding doors. This elegant sliding door system provides the ideal space saving solution for this modern learning environment. Exclusively designed to work with our Revolution 100 glass partitions, these doors also provide a high performing acoustic addition to the fit-out. Achieving up to 34dB, these sliding glass doors therefore offer the perfect sound insulation for students to work comfortably. As a result, our stunning glass partitions and doors enhance the open feel of the campus whilst maintaining acoustic privacy throughout.

Glass partitions create collaborative spaces

Glass is a dominant feature throughout the Penryn campus, creating a free flowing and open work environment. Designed with collaboration in mind these flexible spaces allow students and staff to work together and exchange ideas. As a result of using glass throughout this student hub, it accentuates the flow of natural light through the building, creating visual connectivity and encouraging a collaborative place of learning.

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