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Curved office partitions fitted to Estée Lauder new Singapore Headquarters

The 39 storey Duo Tower in Singapore is now home to one of the biggest names in cosmetics. Working with designer KPF, we are proud to say our fit-out for iconic brand Estée Lauder was a success.

Located near the busy financial districts Raffles Place and Marina Bay, the stunning building overlooks the city’s iconic skyline. The building, designed by Ole Scheeren, is now home to a stunning new set of offices.



Kenyon PTE

The scope of our works

Working to the architect’s design, we installed our partitions to the specified space. Our work with Estée Lauder spanned 2 floors, with us providing an impressive 200 linear metres of product. That is the equivalent of 4 Olympic pools.  In the case of Estée Lauder, we manufactured and installed curved and faceted double-glazed partitions, as well as contributed to the pods that form the centre of the office. 

Where work begins

Our curved Revolution 100 partitions were manufactured to meet specification, working to KPF’s design. Our work expanded from central office pods to full partition and door systems. We provide a comprehensive service from concept to installation and completion. Our first task was imagining and designing curved partitions to fit within the office pods. Due to the cylindrical nature of these pods, we had to work to design. As a result, our partitions were made to measure, being installed seamlessly. Consequently, we designed the curved office partitions (Revolution 100) to fit within these pods. The partitions proved dynamic in design, providing both a sleek aesthetic and an impressive acoustic value of Rw51dB. As a result, these meeting pods provide a great environment for intimate client and employee meetings.

Office space 

Also, installing Revolution 100 into the open-plan office space was key to the KPF’s design. These attractive partitions run the length of the office. Consequently, the system is not only effective in minimising sound intrusion from exterior sources, it also gives a higher level of intimacy for private meetings.  

Asia Affinity doors accompanied our Revolution 100 partitions, making an acoustically effective system. The Asia Affinity boasts a high acoustic value of Rw41dB. This partition also works effectively aesthetically, the system’s black frames create a stylish colour contrast against the grey and white office.

We added white strips of manifestation spanning the length of the system. So, the system provides a level of privacy to those inside. Hand in hand with the acoustic privacy provided by the Revolution 100, this makes the system an ideal choice for the Estée Lauder office.  

A long hallway of offices formed by our partitions is a feature of the modern office fit-out. Due to the natural curve of the building, we installed faceted Revolution 100 partitions and Asia Affinity doors with black frames. In addition to its impressive aesthetic, we fitted these systems with dynamic angles to suit the shape of the building. Doing this, the design gave Estée Lauder the optimal amount of space, as well as giving another element of sleek design.


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