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Technishield 25 Fire Screen

The Technishield range of fire rated partitions and doors delivers high-performing solutions that meet the visual and practical demands of modern office design. Unlike traditional fire screens, Optima’s Technishield 25 fire rated system does not require heavy framework. It is designed to complement Optima 117 Plus single glazed system and offers 30 minutes integrity only.

Technishield 25 Fire Screen: Fire Rated Partitions

Head Condition

Incorporating Optima 30/0 fire rated glass, the Technishield 25 system enables fire protected corridor elevations to be constructed with an identical appearance to the non fire rated Optima 117 Plus system. It can be installed as a stand-alone screen using a slim 25mm wide x 40mm or 50mm deep head profile (non deflection).

Base Condition

The base detail for the Technishield 25 fire screen incorporating Optima 30/0 fire rated glass is 25mm back to back aluminium floor angles which form a two-part track, or 25mm or 50mm deep two-part beaded tracks.

Panel Dimensions

The Optima Technishield 25 system is available as follows:

Maximum Ceiling Height for fixed glazing using 15mm Optima 30/30 fire glass: 2850mm

Maximum Glass Module width using 15mm 30/30 fire glass: 1000mm.

Interpanel Joints

The glass panels are joined with 5mm fire rated silicone which can be grey, white or black.


As with all of our products, Technishield 25 is laboratory tested for acoustic performance in a UKAS accredited laboratory and full test reports are available upon request.

Technishield 25 has been tested to achieve Rw37dB using 15mm thick fire rated glazing offering 30 minutes integrity.

The acoustic test is conducted on a full height, multi-module screen with glazing joints and perimeter track-work; not simply a ‘window’ in a smaller sized opening. Testing samples using the latter method will generally give an artificially higher acoustic rating result and any results obtained in this way should be treated with great caution.

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