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R&D in door sealing technology, as well as naturally clever design, have enabled us to make huge advances in the acoustic performance of our glass doors.

We invest a lot of time and expertise in acoustic research and development. We’re particularly focussed on trying to overcome the perennial problem associated with the negative impact that doors have on the acoustic performance of glass partitioning.

Doors have traditionally been the Achilles’ heel in any glass partition’s acoustic performance, based upon the fact that it’s always been so difficult to effectively seal a closed door.

From this stemmed an industry-wide perception that glass doors are particularly poor performers where acoustics are concerned.

Many of our clients – lawyers being a good example – require high levels of acoustic performance due to the confidential nature of their work.

Previously, the only way to achieve really high levels of acoustics through doors was by installing bespoke, high-acoustic timber door sets.

We wanted to open up design possibilities by creating a glass door that could offer the same acoustic performance as a timber door set. That’s been the driving force behind our research and development.

We’re proud to be able to now say that our huge advances in door sealing technology have placed us on the cutting edge, enabling us to be able to offer glass doors that can hold their own against bespoke, timber door sets.

Our Elite series of glass doors can be installed to achieve an acoustic performance that is comparable with bespoke acoustic timber door sets as standard. And as they let light in, the Elite series also has the added benefit of being able to maintain an airy feel within an environment, whereas timber door sets, while at the same time being heavy, tend to block light out.

Beautifully crafted, the Elite series combines performance with aesthetics, complementing our Revolution 100 high acoustic, double glazed partitioning system, perfectly.

Our Elite Symmetry and Elite Affinity double glazed doors are double rebated with two door frame seals – and additionally feature door edge seals on all four edges.

In tests, Elite Symmetry has achieved an impressive Rw43dB as a fully operable door set, and when used as part of the Revolution 100 system, the results are outstanding, achieving a composite value of Rw47dB within a Revolution 100 office front.

Elite Affinity takes things to another level, achieving an incredible Rw45dB as a fully operable door set, with a composite value of Rw49dB when factored into a Revolution 100 office front.

These impressive results mean that timber door sets are no longer the only option when specifying high performing acoustic office partitions.

To get a more in-depth look at acoustics, testing and our research. We invite you to read Expert Opinion: Acoustic Privacy.

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