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This responsibility is reflected in our ethical approach to business. As a company we are honest and transparent in everything that we do.

Our responsibility extends to our local and wider communities. We respect and support these communities through events and charitable activities.


At Optima, we are dedicated to uncovering and utilising the most sustainable solutions, processes and methods available. In doing so, we hope to reduce our impact on the environment.

Achilles Accreditation

We are fully accredited to the Achilles Building Confidence Scheme. This is recognised within our industry as one of the most rigorous regimes and is based on quality, reliability, social responsibility and environmental factors.

Embodied Carbon Calculator

We believe that constant innovation allows us to stay ahead of the market by enabling us to always build on our already expert knowledge, in order to better our product offerings, our services and to develop our sustainable resolutions.

Consequently, here at Optima, we are always finding better ways of doing things: minimising CO2 emissions from carbon that is embodied within buildings is high on our agenda. As a result, we have worked hard to design our own way of working out precisely what we’re dealing with in CO2 terms.

Optima’s Embodied Carbon Calculator is now firmly established within our work. It is based on the Inventory of Carbon and Energy (ICE) database developed by Bath University and it enables us to accurately calculate the embodied carbon in materials used on site on a project by project basis.

We are very excited by this development and are looking forward to the sustainable progression it will bring about.

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